Best Fowey Beaches + Beaches Near Fowey

Fowey, Cornwall, is perhaps one of the most family-friendly spots in England. With its serene backdrop of gorgeous cottages and winding trails, it is the image of an idyllic medieval village. Don’t let this tranquil facade fool you, though, as there is a lot of fun to be had as you explore all the things to do in Fowey.

If you are looking for the best beaches in Cornwall, then look no further. Remember, some of the best Cornwall beaches can be found around Fowey, England. The beaches near Fowey are certainly worth seeing as they host white sandy nooks, hidden coves, and quaint harbours guaranteed to give your kids a great time.

Be sure to keep reading as we explore the best Fowey beaches.

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Best Fowey Beaches

Here are the best Fowey beaches to visit on your next trip:

#1 Readymoney Cove

readymoney cove, fowey

As the main beach in Fowey, you won’t have far to travel. Sheltered from the worst of the Cornish wind by cliffs, it’s a great beach to bring the kids.

Tidal rockpools are present on each side of the beach for extra splashing or a go at fishing. The sea is very calm and safe for swimming although bear in mind, some pollution can travel over from the estuary after a big storm. There are buoys out to sea to stop people from swimming too deep.

Amenities: Toilets, shop, cafe

#2 Fowey Estuary

fowey estuary

At Fowey estuary, you can walk around the beautiful trails and creeks. The estuary is perfect for camping, sailing, fishing, and canoeing. The secluded beaches and woodlands allow the adults and the kids to explore wildlife and water sports.

The kids can be involved in geocaching in the woods while parents can enjoy the fresh air and exceptional views. Visiting the estuary should be one of the things to do during your stay in the town.

Website: Nationaltrust/Fowey

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Beaches Near Fowey

#3 Historic Polruan Back Beach

Polruan Beach is a mere 4 miles (34-minute drive) from Fowey and is widely considered to be one of the best sandy beaches in Cornwall. Located in a quaint fishing village, the beach’s rustic charm is simply inescapable, making it one of the best beaches near Fowey.

The fine white sands of Polruan Back beach are perfect for building sandcastles with the kids. Moreover, its calm and pristine waters are perfect for frolicking as you bask in the glorious heat of the sun and the cool breeze coming to the bay. However, we recommend coming before the high tide as the beach tends to disappear if you arrive too late – so come early!

While the water is perfectly safe to swim in, it is worth mentioning that there are no lifeguards on duty at Back Beach. So, you should keep an eye out for your kids. You can also access other Fowey Beaches from Back Beach as the Polruan to Lantic Bay walk only takes about an hour.

Amenities: toilets, restaurant, parking

#4 Bustling Polruan Quay Beach

You can opt to follow the same 4-mile drive from Fowey, which takes around 34 minutes, or you can opt to take a ferry across the Fowey River. Whichever route you choose, you will arrive at one of the best Fowey beaches around. Located opposite the Polruan Back Beach, you will find the bustling Polruan Quay beach.

As its name suggests, the beach is right next to the village’s quay. Aside from playing around in the beach’s fine white sand, your family can also take in the sights that make this charming little riverside community.

Because the beach is right next to the town centre, there is no shortage of cafes, shops, and parking spots within walking distance. You just need to keep a close eye on the kids as there are no lifeguards on Quay beach.

Amenities: toilets, restaurant, café, shops, parking

There is a myriad of reasons why you should visit Fowey. Fowey beaches are at the top of that list. Conveniently located in Cornwall, Fowey beaches are a dime a dozen – each offering a wholly unique experience.

So, be sure to check out our picks for the best beaches near Fowey. You and your family are bound to have a great time.

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