Best Laser Tag in Cornwall

Are you looking for a high adrenalin activity to do in Cornwall? Why not try your hand at laser tag? Laser Tag uses infrared laser guns to ‘tag’ opponents. It’s decidedly less of a ‘contact sport’ than the first two, and you (or your kids) may prefer it as it feels more Star Wars-ish. Laser tag also has no legal age limit, so even your youngest can enjoy a match with you!

Raze the Roof, Penryn

Offering a range of other activities such as Soft Play area and Virtual Reality, Raze on the Roof has some of the best options for Laser Tag in Cornwall.

It’s like playing a classic game of hide and seek with hi-tech weapons! Duck and weave your way between the obstacles while the soundtrack and the lighting get your heartbeat racing. The winning players are recorded in real-time using Bluetooth so that you always know who’s in the lead. Don’t be the loser, be a laser!

All games are accompanied by ‘Laser Commander’ to ensure a fair, safe and fun game for all the family.

Big Dunk’s, Delabole (Near Camelford)

We’ve mentioned him before, and we’ll mention him again. Simply put, Big Dunk’s has some of the best outdoor activities in Cornwall.

Big Dunk’s offers an outdoor version of Laser Tag in Cornwall, using the latest in laser technology to seamlessly recreate the authentic futuristic battle-feeling while in the fresh air!

Another great benefit of Laser Tag at Big Dunk’s is that there’s no additional cost for ammunition. You can shoot all day and pay the same.

Bedlam, Newquay

Another excellent destination for outdoor Laser Tag is Bedlam Lasertag in Newquay, with activities available to those aged 8 and over.

Offering action-packed, zero-hazard team fun, Lasertag Bedlam is particularly well suited to teenagers who want to recreate their video-game dreams – a perfect present that doesn’t involve screens!

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