Parking in Mousehole: Everything You Need to Know

The idyllic fishing village of Mousehole attracts thousands each year, but parking in Mousehole can be pretty tricky. Don’t let parking problems spoil your visit; beat the traffic jams and avoid narrow streets by searching for parking spaces ahead of time. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Where can I park in Mousehole?

Mousehole has three main car parks: The North Quay and South Quay Car, managed by the Mousehole Harbour Authority; and The Parade Car Park Mousehole, managed by a private firm called Initial Parking. All three car parks are within a few minutes’ walk of the beach.

What’s it Really Like Parking in Mousehole?

Mousehole Cornwall parking can be tricky for inexperienced drivers, as the streets are narrow and the corners tight. Along with regular foot traffic, drivers would also have to manoeuvre themselves around large buses that bring people to and from Penzance. Finding a parking space during winter becomes even harder, with the South Quay car park closed for boat storage.

Thankfully, parking spaces are inexpensive if you do manage to find one. The North and South Quay car parks charge £1 per hour or £5 for the entire day, while The Parade charges roughly £1.10 per hour or £11 for the whole day. All three car parks operate on a Pay and Display system.

Mousehole Postcode and Location

Here’s how you can find Mousehole with your Sat Nav:

  • Postcode: TR19
  • Grid Reference: SW 46881 26209 or SW468262

Car Parks in Mousehole

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There are three main car parks in Mousehole, but only two are open year long. The South Quay car park closes during the winter as the space is used to store boats instead. The other two are open all year long and offer overnight parking. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

The Parade Car Park Mousehole

Postcode: TR19 6PS

Privately owned, The Parade Car Park has 80 spaces available all year for roughly £1.10 per hour or £11 for 24 hours. A pay and display machine is available but be mindful of your time as there have been reports of the owner charging as soon as you enter, without any grace period. Visitors have a better chance of finding a parking space here during the high season since the space isn’t shared with residents holding season tickets. A height restriction of 1.90 metres is also in place.

North Quay Car Park

Postcode: TR19 6QE

Managed by the Mousehole Harbour Authority, North Quay Car Park provides 51 parking spaces along the North Quay for £1 an hour or £5 for 24 hours. It’s only a 2–3-minute walk to the beach, but keep in mind that there are queues present during the high season. Lanes are also quite small, so this may not be ideal for larger vehicles, but there are no height restrictions. A pay and display system is in place, and the car park is closed in case of severe weather conditions.

South Quay Car Park

Postcode: TR19 6RT

Also managed by the Harbour Authority, South Quay Car Park provides additional parking spaces during busy seasons, generally from Easter to October. It’s also just a 2-minute walk to the south side of the beach, and an attendant is available should you have any queries. This car park is closed during the winter months as the area is used to store boats. Costs are the same as North Quay – £1 an hour or £5 for 24 hours.

Parking Near Mousehole

Don’t fancy your chances of finding a parking space in Mousehole? Worry not; parking in Penzance is much more manageable. Travelling to and from Penzance doesn’t take long either; the bus runs every half an hour from Monday to Saturday or every hour on Sundays and public holidays. It’s also just a 20-minute journey from Penzance Station to Mousehole. 

Here are some Penzance car parks you can choose from:

Penzance Station Car Park

Postcode: TR18 2LT

Located right by Penzance Railway Station, this car park has 101 spaces and is open all day. From 1st April to 30th September, their daily rate is £9 on Monday to Friday and £6.30 on Saturdays and Sundays. Meanwhile, from 1st October to 31st March, their daily rate goes down to £6.50 (or £4.60 if entering after 10 am) on weekdays and £4.60 on weekends.

Penzance Harbour, TR18 2GB

This council-owned car park boasts 740 spaces. The hourly rate from April to October is £1.10, going up to £2.40 from November to March. Parking is free from 4 pm to 9 am.

Clarence Street, Penzance, TR18 2PA

Another council-owned car park has 85 short-stay spaces. The maximum stay allowed is 3 hours and is restricted to motorcycles and cars less than 3500 kg. The rates are the same as Penzance Harbour.

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