The Best Cornish Ale and Beer to Try on Your Next Visit [2022]


Cornwall is not just a famous destination for tourists to explore nature and magnificent landscapes, but you can find some of the most famous and award-winning Cornish beers here. With plenty of Cornish breweries in the area, you can explore and discover a wide range of Cornish ale, beer and lager brewed in different styles with various unique ingredients that would suit your preference taste!

Here, we have listed some of the best Cornish beer names ranging from classic and traditional beers to those that might suit someone with open minds and curious tastes.

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Best Cornish Ale

In this list, you can find the most famous and best Cornish ale that would satisfy your unique taste preference from the well-known Cornish breweries in Cornwall like St Austell Brewery, Sharp’s Brewery and Skinner’s Brewery.

1. Proper Job Cornish IPA

If you are looking for the best Cornish ale worth your money, look no further than Proper Job Cornish IPA by St Austell Brewery! With a well-balanced biscuity malt and expressive citrus/tropical notes of pineapple and grapefruit with a sharp bitterness finish, it leaves you wanting more after each sip.

2. Tribute Cornish Pale Ale

This Tribute Cornish Ale is a must when you are visiting Cornwall. Discover Cornish pale ale with a taste of biscuity, caramel malt, pine and citrusy hops backed with a rich aroma of caramel, orange zest, tropical fruit and black tea leaves. View on Amazon here >>>

3. Doom Bar Amber Ale

This UK’s best-selling Cornish real ale offers subtle yet complex flavours with a perfect balance of lightly roasted malt and succulent dried fruit topped with a mild bitterness finish. Doom Bar beer Cornwall is undoubtedly worth your try on your next visit to Cornwall if you are looking for a classic amber ale!

4. Betty Stogs 4% ABV

As the Queen of Cornish ale, Betty Stogs beer resembles a vintage smooth drinking Cornish ale with floral or even cedar taste, mouthcoating with grapefruit and a tangy finish.

5. Cornish Knocker Ale

This Cornish Knocker Beer is an original golden ale that offers intensely flavourful and refreshing with a taste of floral hops, delicately biscuity malt and a bitter hoppy finish. No doubt, Cornish Knocker Ale is very popular and rated as the best Cornish ale to try when in Cornwall!

Best Cornish Beer

Here, you can find a list of the best Cornish beers that you must try on your next visit to Cornwall, ranging from famous brands like St Austell Brewery to Firebrand Brewing and Harbour Brewing.

6. Korev

Described as fresh, crisp and clean, Korev Cornish Beer would be a great pair with a meal at your favourite Cornish restaurant or simply just for those lazy summer beach evenings. Brewed with Helles Lager style, this light beer with a taste of barley malt, classic hops, and quite bitter finish is undeniably one of the best Cornish beers in Cornwall!

7. Cornish Stingers Nettle Beer

Despite its controversial dispute with HRMC in 2010, Cornish Stingers Nettle Beer made into this list as one of the best Cornish beers though it has no malted barley and is a grain-free nettle beer. This beer is a perfect summer drink due to its delicate and grassy taste with citrus and elderflower aroma.

8. Cornish Craft Beer

Established in 2012 by Firebrand, Cornish Craft Beer contains a secret recipe of natural ingredients with American hops and Cornish spring water. You would recognise these funky and flavour-forward Cornish beers by its Taste of Firebrand mixed case featuring Patchwork Rocket Pale Ale, Thundercloud, West Coast Session and Graffiti.

9. Cream First

Another Cornish best beer in town that you should not miss is this Cornish Cream Beer by St Austell Brewery and Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream. In honour of the iconic Cornish cream tea, Cream First contains local malts, Rodda’s Clotted Cream and loads of Cornish strawberries to create a smooth beer perfect for spring!

10. Ellensberg Session IPA

Moreish and beautifully drinkable, Ellensberg Session IPA offers an inviting aroma of punchy fruity hops with sweet malt and the taste of a juicy and balanced brew with a dry but refreshing finish. One of the best Cornish beers in town!

Best Cornish Lager

From Skinners Brewery and St Austell Brewery to Sharps Brewery and Firebrand Brewing, these Cornish brewing companies produce some of the best Cornish lagers that you can find in Cornwall.

11. Skinners Cornish Lager

Known as Skin dog Lager, this light lager and American inspired uses American hops, wheat malt and the finest Cornish barley to produce clean and perfectly balanced flavours of lime zest and biscuity malt with a dry finish perfect for after surfing!

12. Mena Dhu Cornish Stout

Your visit to Cornwall would not be complete without trying Mena Dhu Cornish Stout. Mena Dhu means Black Hill in Old Cornish and suits the definition of the complex and flavoursome taste with refreshing oak smoked aroma with a hint of dark chocolate and mild liquorice finish of this Cornish stout!

13. Sharp’s Offshore Pilsner

Sharp’s Offshore Pilsner won the World’s Best Lager with its Czech Pilsner style and continental hops ingredients. A pale straw lager with a herbal lemon aroma, mouthcoating by a light, crisp and clean fruit notes with dry citrus and a refreshing finish, this lager is perfect for enjoying your good times with friends.

14. Helles Beach Cornish Lager

Suitable as the perfect beer to quench your thirst after a long coastal walk or surfing, Helles Beach Cornish Lager offers a refreshing feeling with its floral with a pinch of spice, biscuity, and Cascade hops that provide a mild citrus flavour.

15. Hellup Helles Style Lager

This classic German-style Helles offers a fresh, clean and crisp lager with sweet malts and subtle hops by combining Magnum and Motueka hops with Vienna malts and German Pilsner. Perfect for a barbeque night or any gatherings with family or friends, this malt accented lager is undeniably one of the best Cornish lagers in Cornwall!

Cornish Beer, Lager and Ale by Post

We’ve compiled some of the best Cornish beer by post for those looking to give Cornish beer gifts to beer enthusiasts or maybe for themselves to enjoy!

This Sharp’s Brewery ‘Rock Group’ Cornish Bottled Beer Gift Hamper is one of the best Cornish beer gifts that contains six bottles of Sharp easy-drinking Cornish beers like Atlantic Pale Ale, Doom Bar, Wolf Rock and Sea Fury.

You can find a selection of six of the best Cornish bitter beers like Doom Bar, Betty Stogs, Tribute Pale Ale, Challenger, Cornwall’s Pride and Treen’s Sunbeam Cornish that would satisfy your senses and give you a complete knockout!

Discover a selection of award-winning ales produced by Skinner’s Brewery, one of the best and most well-known Cornish breweries. Excellent choice for ale lovers, you can find four fantastic ales like Betty Stogs, Cornish Knocker, Lushington Sunshine Pale Ale and Porthleven Pale Ale.

Explore the taste of the most famous Cornish beer selections from Austell Brewery like Korev, Tribute Pale Ale and Proper Job IPA that would leave you wanting more after trying each of these bottles!

Cornish Hampers

One of the best Cornish beer gifts for ale lovers or someone who wants to try something new, you can discover their premium quality Cornish beers like Doom Bar, Betty Stogs, Tribute Pale Ale, Magic Best Bitter, Lizard Bitter and some nibbles to enjoy in this hamper.

St Austell Brewery Proper Job and Glass Gift Set In a Standard Carton is an excellent gift hamper for IPA and Proper Job fans featuring two bottles of Proper Job IPA and a matching branded pint glass.

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