Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cornwall

Think Cornwall is only famous for fish and chips? Think again. Cornwall has many wonderful things to offer, from stunning beaches and radiant sunshine to an unparalleled sense of culture and history – including a unique cuisine. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right restauraunt for all the family. Here are the best vegetarian restaurants in Cornwall.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best vegetarian (and vegan) restaurants in Cornwall, where you can enjoy a wide range of food and drink to suit everyone’s taste buds.

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The Bean Inn, Carbis Bay – The Perfect Vegetarian Restaurant in Cornwall

Postcode: TR262RT 

Everything at the Bean Inn is delicious, fresh and full of flavour! This hidden gem offers a menu fit to bursting with healthy greens. From the seasonal buddha bowl to the cauliflower & Dahl, the yummy fruit crumble. 

The Bean Inn specialises in seasonal and allotment-grown veg, so you can be sure the food is nutritious and local. Portion sizes are generous, and their Kids’ Menu includes Vegetable Bourguignon with truffled mash & Cornish greens. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Potager Garden Cafe, Falmouth

Postcode: TR11 5RF

Considered one of the unique restaurants in Cornwall, this beautifully converted plant nursery offers an oasis of calm and tranquillity for you and your family. Perfect for resting, eating, meeting friends or just hanging out.

With much of their food coming straight from the gardens, their menu changes depending on the season, so be sure to visit at least twice a year for that summer/autumn experience. Some firm favourites include the smoked aubergine and ginger in homegrown lettuce wraps and the Iranian greens with buttered rice, yoghurt and crispy onions.

After your meal at Potager Garden Cafe, why not lie back on a hammock and let your kids explore the wild and wonderful garden? You can pick up a plant from the nursery on your way home. 

Please bear in mind this much sought-after spot is Booking Only.

Colours Cafe and Wellbeing Centre, Truro

Postcode: TR1 2AA

As the name suggests, Colours Cafe are all about variety and bright feelings. They combine their cosy cafe with a dedicated well-being centre in Truro, offering yoga, Pilates and other healing therapies.

The food is very much made with love, specialising in wholesome dishes inspired by the ideals of a self-care lifestyle. They pride themselves on bringing a sense of passion and creativity to their eclectic menu, where you can find everything from vegan cakes and quiches to buddha bowls and all-day breakfasts – all of which are ethically sourced and served in biodegradable and plastic-free packaging.

So, why not grab a quick class or a massage before lunch and then tuck into a delicious vegan burger with your family?

Restaurants with an Excellent Vegetarian Menu

Just because you or a family member may be following a meat-free diet doesn’t mean everyone has to. Here are a few more of the best restaurants in Cornwall, this time offering vegan and vegetarian options. 

The Olive Tree, Bude

Postcode: EX23 8LG

The Olive Tree is in a beautiful spot by the canal and has perfect outdoor seating for alfresco dining. Sit in the sun and enjoy some of the best Cornish ale and beer while tucking into a wide selection of mains such as the vegan ‘fish’ and chips or the king prawn linguine with chilly and garlic, or smaller dishes like red pepper hummus, spinach & sourdough. The lunch menu also offers a nice selection of sharing snacks, and, for the healthy eaters, there’s a broad range of superfood salad bowls full of goodness and flavour.

The Olive Tree is proud to use local suppliers, including Canara Farm and Westcountry Fruit, which adds the feeling of local, high-quality Cornish charm. 

The Green Heart Cafe, Newquay

Postcode: Tr71LR

Located in the lovely Newquay area, the Green Heart Cafe is a dream for those who love big hearty plates full of healthy, delicious food. Serving breakfast, lunch and snacks, this quirky cafe/restaurant also offers a selection of thick yummy shakes and vegan cakes, not to mention a cornucopia of salads and the famous vegan Sunday roast. 

While the food is exciting and uplifting, the atmosphere oozes calm and relaxation. You can sit and enjoy the artwork after your meal or try your hand at the piano. 

Scarlet Restaurant, Mawgan Porth

Postcode: TR8 4DQ

For those who enjoy a slightly more impressive wine list with their dinner, the Scarlet Restaurant in the Scarlet Hotel might just be for you.

Featuring wonderful food and a stunning location, the venue prides itself on being stylish but not so formal as to make you uncomfortable. The seasonable menu is all about enjoying the great flavours with patience and consideration. They offer slow-aged steaks hung for weeks and sustainable, slow-aged wines.

Enjoy a high-quality seafood meal with your loved ones while overlooking a beautiful beach and watching the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  

Again, please keep in mind this venue is Booking Only.

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  • Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cornwall

    Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cornwall

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