20 Amazing Cornwall Farm Shops

Forget about Old MacDonald and Emmerdale; Cornwall is king when it comes to farming. With its rolling fields of green and temperate oceanic climate, Cornwall is blessed with ideal conditions for cultivating the best of British farm produce. From their famous clotted cream to the first batch of Cornish Earlies in spring, Cornish farmers have been helping us put the freshest and most delicious ingredients on our tables for centuries. When you visit Cornwall with the kids, you are perfectly placed to take full advantage of this by buying your produce directly from the source from Cornwall farm shops. Whether you are looking for day-to-day groceries or a decadent Cornish treat when in Cornwall, a trip to the local farm shop is a must.


What is a Farm Shop?

A farm shop is a retail outlet where you can buy “farm-fresh” produce directly from the farm. This means the food you buy is fresher, more nutritious, and more flavourful.

Farm shops usually sell a range of produce, including locally-reared meat, fresh-from-the-field vegetables, free-range eggs, and a host of other delicious locally-produced wares, including Cornish ale and beer. From small Cornwall farm shops in sheds to larger premises incorporating cafes and restaurants, there’s a wide range of Cornwall farm shops waiting to sell you their super-fresh wares.

Map of Farm Shops in Cornwall

Why You Should Visit a Farm Shop in Cornwall

  • Fresher products: When you buy from a supermarket, you have no idea how long ago the vegetables were harvested. At a farm shop, the time between harvesting and the products being on the shelves is minimised; the produce is fresher. 

  • More nutritious: Fresher food has had less time to begin to degrade. The fresher the produce, the better it is at retaining its nutrients. 

  • Fewer preservatives: With hardly any time passing between the harvest and the products hitting the shelves, there is no need to add artificial, chemical preservatives.  

  • Support the local economy: Buying directly from local farmers. This keeps the money circulating among the local community. When you buy from a supermarket, their profits are taken out of the local economy.  

  • Smaller carbon footprint: when you buy from a farm shop, you know the food hasn’t already been on a journey halfway around the country. It’s travelled a few hundred yards from the field. This reduction in “food miles” helps the environment too. 

Best Cornwall Farm Shops to Visit

If you are wondering ‘where are the best Cornwall farm shops near me?’ check out the map above, then find your nearest Cornish farm shop selling fresh, local produce in the list below to learn more…

#1 Padstow Farm Shop, Padstow

Postcode: PL28 8HJ

Located at Tregirls Farm, just outside Padstow, the award-winning Padstow Farm Shop was opened in May 2006. Selling free-range meat and seasonally grown vegetables in addition to stocking a range of the best Cornish produce available, Padstow Farm Shop is a favourite amongst the locals.

You can also enjoy their tasty Cornish cheeses, homemade pies, and extensive selection of the best locally-produced gins, wines, beers, and ciders.

#2 Boscastle Farm Shop and Cafe, Bocastle

Postcode: PL35 0HH 

Situated on the North Cornish coastline, near Tintagel, is the historic fishing village of Boscastle. And perched on the cliffs, near Pentargon Waterfall, is where you can find Hillsborough Farm, set in 145 acres of National Trust farmland, and its farm shop.

Featuring a shop, a deli, and a café, Boscastle Farm Shop sell and use only the freshest local ingredients, and they also offer a delivery service on certain days.

#3 Trevaskis Farm Shop, Connor Downs, Hayle

Postcode: TR27 5JQ

A short drive out of Hayle, in west Cornwall, is all that is required to reach Trevaskis Farm Shop, on Trevaskis Farm. The shop uses homegrown and locally-reared products to stock its butchery, deli, bakery, fishmongers, and grocery. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for homemade sausages, freshly-caught seafood, or straight-from-the-field vegetables.

#4 Tre, Pol & Pen, Launceston

Postcode: PL15 9NN 

tre, pol and pen farm shop

We can be sure this is a Cornish farm shop, as according to the local saying, it’s ‘by Tre, Pol, and Pen shall ye know all Cornishmen.’ Tre, Pol & Pen features a meat counter and a butchery and is a great place to pick up your fresh bread, dairy products, and seasonal fruit and vegetables. And you can find this gem to the south of Launceston, on Landue Farm in the Tamar Valley. 

#5 Trevilley Farm Shop, Newquay

Postcode: TR8 4PX 

Trevilley Farm, on the outskirts of Newquay, is a working farm with an on-site, family-run farm shop. Trevilley Farm Shop produces its own jams, marmalades, chutneys, pickles, and their much-vaunted Cornish pasties.

They can deliver if you are staying locally, and you can even order in advance, so you have a pantry stocked with delightful, fresh Cornish delights from the moment you arrive at your accommodation. 

#6 Tredinnick Farm Shop, Looe

Postcode: PL13 1QL 

The Tredinnick Farm Shop is located close to Looe, on Cornwall’s south coast. They stock great local produce, including meats, beers, ales, and local fruit and vegetables. The shelves of this Cornwall farm shop are stacked with local Cornish goodies. They can deliver their amazing produce throughout Cornwall through their Food 4 Your Holiday service. 

#7 Cornish Coasts Farm Shop, Camping and Cafe, Bude

Postcode: EX23 0EE 

To the south of Bude, in the stunning Cornish countryside, is Cornish Coasts Farm Shop. With a campsite and café too, if you stay here, you will never be short of amazing Cornish food options. Whether you are in need of a pint of milk or stocking up for a full family barbecue, Cornish Coasts can meet your needs. They also serve up a fine breakfast, and if you need a tipple for when the little ones have gone to bed, try one of their excellent Cornish gins. 

#8 Lobbs Farm Shop, St. Austell

Postcode: PL26 6EN 

lobbs farm shop, farm shops in cornwall

Visitors to St. Austell can take a short drive down the coast, towards Mevagissey and St Ewe, and find Lobbs Farm Shop. This farm shop is located inside the famous Lost Gardens of Heligan, so you can stock up on quality local produce after a day exploring the Lost Gardens with the kids.

The farm is supplied by produce from their own three farms: Corran Farm, Lower Kestle Farm, and Higher Kestle Farm. The farm shop has been given the taste of the West Gold 2022 award for good reason: an excellent butchery, superb deli, and plenty of delectable Cornish treats await.

lobbs farm shop produce, farm shop in st austell, best farm shops in cornwall

#9 Trevallick’s Farm Shop, Liskeard

Postcode: PL14 5PJ 

Located on the eastern edge of Bodmin Moor, this fine farm shop serves an excellent Cornish cream tea. The shelves are loaded with fresh seasonal produce, and they pride themselves on stocking every Cornish gin on the market.

If your kids have a birthday, you can join a Cupcake & Cookie Party, and after a messy cooking session, you get to take the cakes and cookies home. 

#10 Richard’s Farm Shop, Hayle

Postcode: TR27 5DG 

Situated just off the A30, at the main Hayle roundabout, this excellent Cornwalll farm shop is easy to stop off at if you are continuing down towards Penzance. Richard’s of Cornwall is supplied by local producers and their own farm, Carwin Farm.

They have excellent free-range meat and poultry and a variety of award-winning Cornish cheese, in addition to fresh and nutritious fruit and vegetables. 

#11 Bosavern Community Farm Shop, St. Just

Postcode: TR19 7RD 

bosavern community farm
best farm shops in cornwall

In addition to selling Cornish food and produce, the Bosavern Farm also puts an emphasis on providing opportunities to the local community. Stop by to stock up on fresh veg grown on their farm and by other local organic growers. They also have a bee garden, and their Bee Ed-Shed (a bee education shed) was set up to house two observation hives, where they educate people about the links between flowers, pollinators, food and people – perfect for the little ones to learn about the importance of bees. 

#12 Trink Dairy Farm Shop, St. Ives

Postcode: TR26 3JG 

This farm shop focuses on the dairy, with super-fresh milk, free-range eggs, and an excellent cheese counter. You can buy their milk twenty-four hours a day from their vending machine. If you can get the kids out of bed early in the morning, you can take them to see the cows being milked at Trink Dairy, and then grab a pint to take home with you for your morning cuppa. If the kids are good, you can treat them to some artisan chocolate from local chocolatiers I Should Coco

#13 Trevathan Farm Shop, Port Isaac 

Postcode: PL29 3TT 

If you’re visiting Cornwall with the children and still haven’t found somewhere to stay, why not stay on a working farm? The kids can help feed the calves, lambs, pigs, goats, and even wallabies, and you can get fresh Cornish produce from the on-site farm shop. Trevathan Farm has eleven self-catering cottages, and children are very welcome and can join Farmer Mark on his daily tractor ride around the farm.

#14 Hilltop Farm Shop, Camelford 

Postcode: PL32 9TT 

Just off the main road, north of Camelford is the Hilltop Farm Shop. If you’re travelling down the A39, it’s an easy stop for stocking up on delicious Cornish produce on your way down the peninsula. Their café and restaurant have excellent wares on the menu. Check out the awesome Cornish Ploughman’s Lunch. In addition to the farm shop, there is also a gift shop stocked with locally-made arts and crafts. 

#15 Colwith Farm Shop, Pelyn Cross 

Postcode: PL22 0JG 

Colwith Farm Shop is on a family-run farm located about fifteen minutes outside St. Austell and was a finalist in the 2021 Farm Retail Awards. Their speciality is potatoes, but they also have a wide selection of other Cornish products on sale, including Cornish beers and ales, fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, and the best ice cream in the world: Cornish ice cream! 

#16 Roskillys Farm Shop, St. Keverne 

Postcode: TR12 6NX 

If you’re down in south Cornwall, near Lizard Point, then why not take the kids to meet the animals at Roskilly’s Farm? They will also love the ice cream parlour selling deliciously-creamy Cornish ice cream. The farm shop also sells homemade jams, mustards, and chutneys, and these are also available in gift hampers. There are also plenty of countries walks through the Old Withy Woods, and after a stroll, visit the Croust House restaurant for homemade burgers. 

#17 Homeleigh Garden Centre Food Hall, Launceston 

Postcode: PL15 9SP 

Homeleigh Garden Centre, just outside Launceston, has a farm shop where, in addition to gardening supplies, they also sell clothing, fishing supplies, and gifts, and have a farm shop stocked with a wide range of locally-sourced fresh produce from suppliers from all over Cornwall. They have an excellent butchery with free-range local meats and also stock a full range of barbecue equipment—an excellent combination! 

#18 Etherington’s Farm Shop, Redruth 

Postcode: TR16 5DF 

Specialising in locally-reared meats and hearty Cornish pasties, this award-winning farm shop is located just outside Redruth, on the way to Porthtowan Beach. Etherington’s Farm Shop also has an on-site bakery and a deli counter with an excellent selection of Cornish cheeses.

If you fancy a bottle of Cornish gin, you can also pick that up here, and their gift shop stocks locally-made arts and crafts if you’re looking for a gift. 

#19 Trudgian Farm Shop, Truro

Postcode: TR2 4JN 

Trudgian Farm Shop, Truro farm shop, best cornwall farm shops

Less than ten miles outside Truro is Trudgian Farm Shop, in the square of the village of Probus. The same family has been farming here since the turn of the twentieth century, and the farm is a mere three miles away from the Cornwall farm shop.

They rear cattle, sheep, and pigs and grow a wide variety of homegrown vegetables to supply the farm shop. The fruit on sale is hand-picked that day, and their deli counter and Cornish charcuterie are always stocked with a selection of cold meats, pate, and locally-produced cheeses. 

#20 The Cornsish Food Box Company, Redruth 

Postcode: TR15 1SS 

Started in 2010 by sisters Tor and Lucy, The Cornish Food Box Company has evolved into a slightly different kind of farm shop. This Cornish farm shop has recently morphed into an online farm shop, stocking one of the widest ranges of fresh and delicious Cornish produce around. If you are not staying close to a physical farm shop, you can have Tor and Lucy deliver to your door.

You can also order their Holiday Arrival Boxes so you can feast as soon as you arrive. They also deliver throughout the UK, so if you’re elsewhere in the country and missing that unmistakable taste of Cornwall, just pop online and order. 

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